Neoclo - A Global Force

Neoclo Energy Private Limited is an Indian Company dedicated to providing the best performing, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions built on lithium-ion technology for the telecom, commercial and industrial segments. The company was founded with the purpose to empower a smart and sustainable world with the help of energy storage.We are driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology, resulting in advanced technology made easy to use. Our energy storage solutions are superior in quality, recyclable, certified and designed with the highest safety in mind. The embedded intelligence of our lithium batteries puts you in charge and minimizes maintenance.
Neoclo has designed a future-proof modular production facility to meet the large unfulfilled market battery demand.
We are a dedicated team of industry professionals on a mission to bring the very best in battery energy storage technology and solutions to the households and businesses alike. We understand the day to day demands of both living and working off-grid, something that is reflected in all the products we offer.

Journey Towards Sustainability

Storing renewable energy so that it can be used not only when produced, but when it is needed, is one of the greatest barriers to the clean energy transition.
Sustainability is helping us build a more resilient company.
We provide lasting value for society, customers, employees, owners, and other stakeholders.
Neoclo’s storage solutions maximize it’s potential by turning renewable energy into a dispatchable asset and ultimately becoming more energy efficient. We support customers ranging from telecom operators with tower sites to large-scale manufacturing plants or the local supermarket, all with one common challenge:
Unconditional energy stability, at a reduced energy cost and reduced climate impact.

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Our vision is to become a leading, sustainable, fully integrated energy solutions provider.
Aiming for net zero We aim to be net zero in our own operations by 2026.

Understanding Impacts & Powering Progress

Neoclo has installed setup of BESS for in-house consumption.

In order to reach net zero emissions in our own operations, we need to phase out all use of fossil energy. We will do this by powering all our operations with 100% renewable energy, on site or through the grid, and replacing diesel generators with renewable options and more efficient use of electricity from the grid.

We are on mission to facilitate greater circularity through take-back systems and replacing lead batteries through increased renewables penetration, non-wires alternatives, and power decentralization.

As we transition, generating our own electricity will provide greater control over our energy supply and – based on expected production volumes – enable us to become net zero.

Product Roadmap